Shipbuilding & Naval 3D Measurement Solutions: Alignment, Metrology, 3D Scanning Services

Shipbuilding & Naval 3D Measurement Services.


ACQUIP Marine focus in the specific needs of the Marine and Naval Industry. We provide 3D measurement integral solutions second to none.

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ACQUIP Marine has experienced alignment service team who can tackle the most complex rotating and geometrical alignment jobs. A dedicated ACQUIP Marine alignment engineer will help you to locate the possible issue inside your engine and fix it. To know more about ACQUIP's products and services visit us at

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Whether the problem is, misaligned cardan shafts, stern tubes or vibration matters. with ACQUIP you can support your maintenance staff to assist them with installation and machine alignment processes. Also, our 3D scanning and CAD modeling services can provide you efficient solutions for retrofits, assembly and design verifications at the building dock.

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