3D Scanning Services & Marine Metrology: Naval Engineering for Retrofits & Repairs

3D Scanning Services for shipbuilding applications

Using 3D scanning services and precision metrology ACQUIP enable you to documenting existing conditions of ships, vessels and tankers, make a 3D model of the part or environment, and design the retrofit needed to accomplish your team goals. Previous practices were time consuming and ended up in poor quality parts and incorrect fitting. As a result, companies had deal with costly rework.

3D Scanning services are a very important task for the shipbuilding industry. We are capable to perform 3D as-built conditions to the entire ship for further modifications or repairs. ACQUIP Marine also can complete 3D scanning of the ship at any stage to verify and compare the shipbuilding process against design requirements.

Using the laser tracker we provide metrology services that will enable you to inspect parts and components before, during and after installation. Additionally, 3D measurements can help you during the assembly of large parts.

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Our 3D Scanning and Metrology services are applied to the following applications:

  • Ballast Water Treatment Retrofit: Upcoming legislation requires the installation of Ballast Water Treatment systems onboard all ocean-going vessels. This indicates more than 30,000 existing ships that will be retrofitted with ballast water treatment systems in the next few years. ACQUIP can overcome challenges such as measuring the limited space in engine rooms, and capturing reliable data for the retrofitting installation process
  • Dredge Retrofit Projects: Pump/Engine, Gear, piping and casting replacement. Pump speed control, Ship Service and Dredge Pump Switchboards replacement or refurbishment
  • Hull dimensional analysis to complete an overall inspection and identify distortion and deformations
  • Reverse engineering of parts and components
  • Quick and precise quality validation of parts during your repairs previous to installation.

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